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Unicorn and Dark Unicorn

Unicorn and Dark Unicorn


Introducing another addition to our ICE collection, these two belong to the Unicorns! The pink is our Unicorn ICE and the black is our Dark Unicorn. They are both handcrafted here in the Central Valley of California. This pot is made with pigments leaving the color finish fine as ever for years to come.

These two pots are measured at

8 inches in width (outter diameter)

6.25 inches height

This pot compliments boho, industrial and farmhouse home decore. The amounts of plants that can fit in this pot is unlimited. This pot is the perfect size for a large plant and even starting off baby plants such a Peace lily, any kind of Pothos, peperomia, or dracena the list continues to go on.

If you would like a 10 inch in this color please see our 10 inch glazed listing

All pots come with drainage holes unless noted otherwise.

Pots will be made with same colors and will look very similar to photos. However all pots are handmade so there may be slight changes to color detail.

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