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Black and Beige Cylinder Pot

Black and Beige Cylinder Pot


We have a new color combo that we have been playing with black and beige. Everyone knows these colors go with anything and everything and will look amazing no matter where you place this planter.


When using pigments we have to play around with them and keep playing with them, its a serious relationship we have here.  These pigments tend to do what ever they want and don't listen at all! 


This cylinder pot will compliment many styles such as farmhouse, industrial and minimalist.


Our Rauchstone black and beige cylinder comes in a 6 and 8 inch please select below which size you would prefer.


Since we have 2 different sizes the amount of plants that can be housed in these pots are unlimited. From your small to large house plant to a succulent or even a cacti would look amazing and would be able to grow happy healthy roots.


All pots come with drainage holes.


The colors seen in the photos are pigments (not paint) that are mixed with concrete. Due to having no control of how the concrete lays each pot will have some small irregularities which are normal and unique to each individual pot. The pot you receive may differ slightly from the photographs. Each pot will have same color scheme and same color layers.

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