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10 inch planter - boat planter -vesssel planter - moss garden

10 inch planter - boat planter -vesssel planter - moss garden


Designed to look 100 years old, built to last another 100. Say hello to the @rauchstone century vessels. we generally fill ours with sempervivum, but they will house many other plants or make cool moss gardens just as well.

This boat planter comes in 2 sizes and each one is hand formed and hand textured, we do not use a form or a mold. We have made hundreds of these and not a single one is identical any of the others aside from coloration.

This vessel would compliment farmhouse, boho and even the rustic styles.

These are made to order item.

About us:

We are Rauchstone, a husband-and-wife artistic pottery crafting team. Every one of our pieces are made completely by us and completely by hand here at our home in the middle of California.

Here are a few quick highlights of what makes our pottery different than anything else that you will find.

None of our pots are made using molds! We have developed our own unique crafting method which basically just involves the use of a bunch of strange tools that we also made.

Our pieces (aside from our geodes, which are a painted pot with stones inlaid in a hand formed recess) are all made with pigmented concrete, not paint….yes, even the intricate granite series patterns and the bright colors

We blend most of our own colors. Please see our other listings for 50+ style and color variations!

We use our own concrete recipe which is made with plants in mind (it does NOT release free lime into the soil. Free lime can raise the alkalinity of the soil over time)

Our concrete recipe results in an extremely high level of moisture wicking, which will dry the soil faster than nearly any other pot. This is just one more thing in your arsenal on the quest to keep your plant’s roots from sitting in soggy soil.

Thanks for looking, we look forward to working with you.

PS: We have an Instagram, facebook and website…check us out on all of them

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