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10 Inch Banded

10 Inch Banded

SKU: 0008

This 10 inch wide by 8 inch tall planter is currently the largest we make (that can be shipped) here at RauchStone. It is large enough and roomy enough for almost any house plant or your biggest, baddest succulents and cacti! If you've got your big beautiful plant in a plastic pot, get it out NOW and get it a proper home in our pots. Made with our own concrete recipe, these are some of the fastest draining pots you will find anywhere thanks to their extreme ability to wick moisture away from the roots of your plant. This allows you to water more deeply and more thoroughly, without risk of rotting the roots out in a stagnant water.


This beautiful trendy modern planter comes in any of the colors we currently offer, and hey if you wanted something special just ask and we may be able to accommodate your needs.


Our 10 inch pot will compliment boho, modern, minimalist and even the farmhouse style.


The colors seen in the photos are pigments (not paint) that are mixed with concrete. Due to having no control of how the concrete lays each pot will have some small irregularities which are normal and unique to each individual pot. The pot you receive may differ slightly from the photographs. Each pot will have same color scheme and same color layers.


All out pots come with drainage holes unless otherwise asked when ordered.


    10 inch wide with inner diameter of 9 inches and stands 8 inches high


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